Latest news
  • 2021. 09. 16
    The building containing 60 apartments is located in District XV at the heart of Rákospalota just opposite the city hall. It was created as part of the real estate development efforts conducted by the Grabarics Development Ltd.
  • 2021. 07. 15
    The construction of the East-West Gate (EWG) intermodal combined terminal started in Fényeslitke (Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County) occupying an approx.
  • 2021. 06. 01
    The construction work of the Arena built along the upper reach of Tisza River flowing across the town progresses according to the schedule and certain processes can be started before the envisaged date
  • 2021. 04. 14
    The sports swimming pool of Szeged has been completed, which is probably the most advanced facility of its kind in the country. The swimming pool is located in the Etelka lane, the reinforced concrete structures of which were prepared and assembly on site by the reinforced concrete prefabricating plant of Grabarics Ltd located in Heves.
  • 2021. 04. 14
    The decorative and exposed concrete products and solutions are among the range of services provided by Grabarics Vasbeton Ltd. We offer innovative solutions for a wide range of applications including decorative and exposed concrete in the fields of architecture and interior architecture.