Latest news
  • 2019. 02. 21
    In phase 4 of the Sasad Liget Residential Park 297 apartments are being constructed. The floor covering of the upper terraces (about 1500 sq.m) will be constructed by the staff of our decor concrete business from 60x60 cm concrete slabs instead of porcelain stoneware.
  • 2018. 07. 20
    The Heves concrete plant of Grabarics Építőipari Kft. (GVB) is going to offer decor concrete related services and products, as well.
  • 2018. 05. 10
    Following the completion of the Heves plant for half a billion, Grabarics Kft. will be capable of processing ten thousand tons of rebar per year. Now they establish a new craned loading facility and prepare the installation of new electrical devices.
  • 2018. 01. 25
    A new sports hall is being erected at Albertirsa for over 1 billion HUF financed by the tax forints of entrepreneurs, state funds and own resources.