About us
Grabarics Építőipari Kft. took over the operation of Hevesi Beton Előregyártó in spring 2017 and, under the name of GVB – Grabarics VasBeton –, reorganised the unit that had seen some ups and downs from scratch. Production, sales and product profile were updated, while the factory's management and engineering team were replaced.

With the present single-shift operation, the plant with a capacity of 900–1000 m3 per month and a floor area of 7500 m2 produces mainly prefabricated ferro-concrete products and structural elements based on individual orders. The product range is continuously increasing, while the fields of activity have been extended by the prefabrication of reinforcement steel – in part with funds from tenders. Grabarics Kft. uses 50–60 per cent of its products in its own general-contracting projects, the remaining production quantity is sold in the market.
  • GVB is developing rapidly
    Since spring 2019, when we have installed the reinforcing steel manufacturing line in our RC prefabrication plant at Heves, we have been able to supply all monolithic RC orders of Grabarics Kft. from here and we also provide reinforcing steel for the elements manufactured in the plant.