• 2020. 03. 20
    Efficiency and quality work in implementing building activities are deemed almost continuously aspects of primary importance and precast concrete components are considered among the best options for realizing this advantage.
  • 2020. 03. 11
    The blocks of flats are being built as investment of Grabarics Development, implemented by Grabarics Kft. The prefabricated reinforced concrete elements are manufactured by Grabarics Vasbeton in the Heves prefabricated RC plant of the Group, and the on-site crane work is made by their own SAEZ tower cranes, which have been distributed in the country also by Grabarics Kft on an exclusive basis.
Latest news
  • 2022. 05. 23
    A green-field project having a budget of several hundreds of million Forints is being implemented in Veszprém to build a new logistic depot. The foundation stone of the new operation hall was laid on March 22 in the county town of the Bakony region.
  • 2022. 05. 23
    On April 27 of 2022, the topping bouquet was placed atop the new HQ building of the National Media and Info-communications Authority (NMIA) built in Visegrádi Street of Budapest. The construction work had been started by Grabarics Ltd. in May 2020.
  • 2021. 12. 20
    In early 2022, Grabarics Reinforced Concrete (GRC) will celebrate the fifth anniversary of commencement of manufacturing. GRC gathered much professional experience during the past years.
  • 2021. 12. 20
    This is to express our gratitude to every partner and colleague for their co-operation and unbroken trust shown towards the Grabarics Group.
  • 2021. 11. 03
    Another important phase of implementation of the new, complex technical building of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority to be built in the Visegrádi Street took place: during the first week of October, transport of the first precast concrete elements of the building to the site commenced.